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James Develin Breaks Down Patriots-Falcons Matchup Using Physics | New England Patriots

HOUSTON — While there’s physics in football, it’s pretty rare to hear a formula come out of an NFL player’s mouth.

It’s unsurprising, however, that New England Patriots fullback James Develin, an engineering major at Brown, was the one to break the mold when asked about how his team’s power running game will match up against the Atlanta Falcons’ speedy offense Sunday in Super Bowl LI.

“F equals MA, so you can do the physics, and we’ll see,” Develin said Tuesday. “They have a very fast group. It will be a tough game. We have to get on our Ps and Qs Sunday night.”

Force does indeed equal mass times acceleration. And when Develin is on the field as a lead blocker for LeGarrette Blount, James White and Dion Lewis, the Patriots have mass on their side, while the Falcons’ defense specializes in acceleration.

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