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International Franchise Association (IFA) Selects Daniel Mormino, Division Vice President of INFINITI HR, to the 2018 IFA Convention Committee

The ayes have it. International Franchise Association selects Daniel Mormino, Division Vice President of INFINITI HR to the 2018 IFA Convention Committee. Daniel Mormino took his seat on the IFA Convention Committee at the recent session on May 10, 2017 in Washington D.C. INFINITI HR Division Vice President, Daniel Mormino, will serve a powerful role in shaping the biggest franchise event of the year for thousands of franchise executives and partners who travel from around the world to attend the IFA Annual Convention. The IFA Annual Convention provides opportunity to learn from such experts who host more than 50 content-rich educational sessions to move brands forward.

Daniel Mormino represents thousands of diverse franchising clients, business development executives, area developers, suppliers and investors throughout the country and is responsible for the historic growth of The Professional Employer Organization for Franchises©, INFINITI HR. His career includes approximately two decades as a passionate innovator in Human Capital Management. Mormino designed Human Capital Management platforms to protect business owners from the pitfalls of foreseeable employer liability and organic growth obstacles by leveraging the economies of scale of large enterprises into a competitive advantage. Mormino is a frequent preferred speaker at many industry conventions, conferences and seminars.

Mormino is known for his public policy advocacy and is recognized for his financial support of franchises. He is a passionate advocate and Max Donor of FranPAC, the Political Action Committee for IFA members who work together toward common political objectives to promote and protect the franchise business model.

Mormino recently hosted the INFINITI HR National Alliance Summit in New York City in which he expressed his views to all business development…

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