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InnerVoice 3.0 Takes a Giant Step Forward for Assistive Technology Using Multi-Sensory Semiotics

You Will Love How Easy it is to Get Results

Inner voice is a great value. No, an amazing value. And it’s changing the life of a nonverbal 22 year old.

Say hello to the future on communication technology. InnerVoice offers a combination of, patent pending features and science that will bring assistive technology into the spotlight and make universal design common practice.

Designed by speech-language pathologists, assistive technology specialists, and educators, InnerVoice is perfect for non-verbal learners, parents, teachers, therapists, or people with no disabilities: InnerVoice makes communication available to anyone.

InnerVoice can work like a typical AAC device: letting your thoughts and feelings be heard and understood by others. Unlike traditional AAC apps, though, InnerVoice combines facial expressions, emotions, written words, and actions with speech, providing a complete multi-sensory learning experience (Multi-Sensory Semiotics).

Choose an avatar from a library of faces, use a photo of your student, or one of their favorite characters, and watch them come alive in the app! Avatars move, emote and, most importantly, speak! Watching a face that the learner connects with helps increase imitation and engagement, and it’s a lot of fun, too.

InnerVoice has full, native support for both English and Spanish.

App Features:

SPEAK – tap the mouth or the speech bubble and hear the avatar say your words aloud

SHARE – your avatar will deliver any message to friends, family or social media

ACTION – add actions to any button to represent verbs, emotions and concepts by using GIFs, videos and Live Photos

GIFs – increase your ability to express yourself by adding a GIF to any button.

SEE YOURSELF – take a photo of yourself,…

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