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If You Don’t Offer These Spa Services, Your Clients are Missing Out

The lights are low, the music is soothing and the treatment is decadent.

Moving effortlessly around the body, a therapist can perform a spa treatment that will leave a client feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

The therapist can also feel revitalized. Our goal as massage therapists is to facilitate the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

I like to approach this self-care and relaxation from all angles.

Spa Services Relax You & the Client

The addition of spa services and treatments to your massage practice allows your body and mind necessary recovery time from the physically demanding work of manual manipulation. You can rest your body and increase your pocket book with spa treatments. It is also a way to enhance your menu of services to encourage client retention.

When I was working in a very busy five-star hotel spa in Chicago, I felt myself approaching burn-out at one point.

I spoke with another therapist at the spa, and he suggested changing up my routine. Start the massage with the feet, for instance, start the client supine, or add a spa treatment. I was excited about the last suggestion he made.

I started really up-selling our spa services and add-on treatments, like the scalp treatment, back facial, foot treatment and mini facial massage.

These treatments really helped to reinvigorate both myself and my clients. In my experience, most clients are very open to suggestions of alternative treatments, especially if they cater to their needs.

According to the International Spa Association, client visits to spas as well as their spending at the spa has increased in 2016, which indicates a strong upward trend. In fact, spa visits were at the highest rate since 2010.

A study conducted last year in the UK found that the number-one reason people return to a spa or establishment was due to receiving a memorable experience.

This study found that memorable experiences included “the rediscovery of self, feeling of connectedness, recharge for positive emotions,…

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