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i aM A femiNist #7. Fontaine, 44. Kansas City, Missouri –

Fontaine. 44. Birthplace: Kansas City, Missouri. Currently: Hamburg, Germany. Gnostic, Raised Buddhist. Photography. Musician.

What does the concept/word “feminism” mean to you? What does the concept of equality mean to you?

Ironically, I think for a lot of people the word feminism carries a negative, which is a shame. It’s a shame that the word actually has to exist to be perfectly honest. It’s a shame that the word is even necessary. That’s how I feel about feminism.

What do you think is the most pressing struggle for women today? What is the most crucial aspect in your eyes?

Equality is the most pressing struggle. There are so many aspects of that. Wages maybe? I mean, it’s so present and it’s a thing that I talk about with my sister who is entering the job market after a while. She’s an extremely qualified person in her area, and quite frankly she’s underpaid. So I guess wages might be one of the most important things.

Is feminism a subject you think about? Have you ever read a book or seen a documentary about feminist issues?

I don’t think about feminism until somebody asks me about it. It’s strange. It’s like an activity. You believe that people have equal rights in everything and you treat them with that in mind (or not in mind) just because that’s the way it should be. If I see situations where I feel like a woman is being treated unjustly because she’s a woman, then yes, the feminist in me comes out. Then I start thinking about feminism because I see it actively, but it’s harder for me, being a man, to feel in my skin every day the way a woman would. It’s the same thing for someone trying to understand black civil rights – not everyone can fully grasp the struggle. I haven’t read anything recently but I read things about feminism in the 70’s during the Second Wave. That’s besides Susan B. Anthony of course.

Why do you identify as a feminist and how/when did you learn about it? What were you taught about women growing…

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