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Huawei Mate 10 Pro Review

The 2016 Huawei Mate 9 was targeted at business-types who wanted a smartphone for productivity. We liked it, but the Mate 9 was undeniably unattractive. It apparently led Huawei to change its approach for phone’s successor, the Mate 10 Pro, because it exudes everything we want from a faithful smartphone companion. In our Huawei Mate 10 Pro review, we find out if the new phone can live up to its highly-polished looks.

Subtly stunning

The Mate 10 Pro is very pretty. Huawei has minimized the edges around the screen considerably, with thin slivers running down both sides of the 6-inch screen, much like the LG V30 and the Samsung Galaxy S8. The 18:9 screen dominates about 80 percent of the phone’s front panel, which means it’s not as bezel-free as the iPhone X or the Xiaomi Mi Mix.

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Supercar-levels of attractiveness await when you flip the phone over. It’s like the Mate 10 Pro has been cut from the body of a futuristic concept vehicle. Heat-treated glass for extra toughness curves at each side and covers the metal body, and a subtle but distinctive stripe surrounds the camera lenses. It’s smooth, cool to the touch, and catches the light in a beautifully eye-catching way. We love the blue model, but couldn’t resist our titanium review unit. It also comes in an equally delicious mocha brown. The color line-up for the Mate 10 Pro makes it hard to pick the best one; they’re all so tempting.

It’s not too slippery in the hand, but the curved body does tend to slide about on flat surfaces when placed face-up. A clear silicone case comes in the box, and we recommend using it or another case, not just for drop protection but also to avoid scratches on the glass body.

Supercar-levels of attractiveness await when you flip the phone over.

Everyday usability is…

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