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How to Identify the Quality of Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchen cabinet products have trend change

In recent years, the status of the kitchen in the home has not just been satisfied simple to use, but become a direct reflection of the quality of home life. With the increasing popularity of the integrated kitchen, the kitchen cabinet products also have its own trend change from the material, function to design. High-tech, new materials, new techniques and new design concepts update and subvert from time to time.

Kitchen cabinets are different in quality

Of course, health, environmental protection and quality are also essential factors. Even though the appearance of many products is less different, the style is similar, the same color, but the inner quality but there is a big difference. In addition to the selection of the cabinet is different, but there is big difference in the quality. In addition to kitchen cabinet material, the cabinets produced by professional manufacturers using automatic mechanized assembly line and cabinets produced by small factories by hand are different in quality. How should consumers choose? Experts remind consumers that the most important is to carefully check every detail. Now we will introduce three aspects need to pay attention to in the purchase of kitchen cabinet.

First, look at the plate edge banding.

Quality cabinet edge banding is delicate, smooth, feel good, smooth straight banding line, and the joints are fine. Professional factories use straight edge banding machine to complete edge banding, end breaking, deburring, chamfering, polishing and other processes, coating evenly, the pressure to paste sealing is stable, processing size precision can be adjusted to the most suitable site, to ensure the most accurate size. Small factory workshops glue with a brush, manual press and paste edge banding, trim with castor paper knife, polishing with manual polishing machine, due to uneven pressure, many places are not solid, which can also cause formaldehyde and other toxic gases volatile into air.

Secondly, look at the design work.

Quality cabinet table usually design a front water edge, that is the edge bumps, to prevent water from dripping; below the edge of the countertop, there will be a stop sink, ditch-like, equivalent to the eaves of old tile; wall cabinet generally adds reinforcement bars, to enhance cabinet loading capacity, and prevent deformation. Most of the low-grade cabinets lack the processing of these details; Moreover, you should check whether the rail is smooth or loose, and whether drawer gap is uniform.


Thirdly, look at the paint.

The professional manufacturers generally use high-gloss paint technology; it is also very simple to recognize this paint. You can get its samples under the lamp, to see whether the projection of light on sample plate is visible, that is, if use quality paint, it can be used as a mirror. In addition, good paint has strong wear resistance, easy to clean. You can try one end of a ballpoint pen holder to carve on the sample…

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