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How to Find the Best Dog for You

Today there is a huge range of creatures available that you might opt to keep as a pet. The more old-school type of pet keeping has changed hugely over the last handful of years to the extent that at the moment you can keep any sort of creature as a pet. A few years ago a domestic cat and a pet dog were about the extent of pet ownership, with maybe the sparsely distributed caged bird if you were feeling particularly glamorous or crazy. But these days popular pets could include anything from a bearded dragon to a shire horse, from a chicken to a rabbit or from an alpaca to a stick insect. Each variant of family pet provides a massively different range of difficulties and plus points to the family looking after it, and similarly each different pet will want something different from the its family in the way of the quantity of time, the volume of expertise, the amount of space, and the day in, day out looking after and feeding they will need. In this way it’s possible to choose just the perfect animal for your requirements.

Despite this fragmentation in the domestic animal market there’s still nothing like the old fashioned types of pet- there may be a huge range of exotic animals readily available these days, but there’s also a huge range of genuine reasons why cats and dogs were so popular as household animals for hundreds of years. Cats offer comfort for their owners, giving a comforting level of warm companionship. Dogs can also provide these things, but depending on the breed can also give increased personal safety and encourage more aerobic exercise for their owner. Dogs have been domesticated in the UK for many centuries, with the different types of dog being bred to meet the varying needs of the owners- from rat-terrier dogs to hunting dogs to lap dogs, this terrific animal is more than capable of meeting the situation within almost any household, by varying in size, nature and appearance.

If you’re proposing to get a pet dog for your household then you will need to learn as much as possible beforehand about its personality, and perhaps have a significant hand in its development as it matures. Therefore you’re going to do best to find yourself a puppy rather than an adult dog. On the downside this will require more care and time as the dog goes through adolescence, by way of toilet training, discipline regarding chewing and pulling at the leash and hundreds of other minor corrections that young dogs can need as they age. However there are also a huge number of up sides to having a dog from a very young age- it allows you to be confident that the dog has never been abused and is  therefore much less likely to respond badly in any given situation, likewise you can know for sure that the animal has no underlying health issue. One of the easiest methods to buy a puppy is to use the web to search for , for example by googling, Alsatian pups for sale or just pedigree german shepherd puppies on sale.  Your local animal shelter may…

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