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How some customers scored the $60 10-GB phone deal after the deadline – Business

The deadline may have passed, but some Canadians are still scoring the $60 10-GB phone plan briefly offered by the major telecoms last month. 

“It took a while but they were finally able to do it for me,” said Rogers customer Joseph Filiplic, who believes making his case on social media helped him seal the deal. 

Filiplic, who lives in Edmonton, was one of many customers blown away when the big three — Bell, Rogers and Telus — offered a $60 monthly plan with 10 gigabytes of data and unlimited calling to customers in Ontario, Alberta and B.C.

Joseph Filiplic of Edmonton scored the $60 10-GB cellular deal with Rogers after the deadline. (Joseph Filiplic)

According to a recent report commissioned by the federal government, Canadians pay some of the highest prices in the industrialized world for cellular plans, with the average 5-GB plan costing $104.49 a month.

So it was no surprise that customers rushed to sign up for the special deals.

But they had less than a week to do it, sparking long customer service wait times. Some, like Filiplic, gave up in frustration before the Dec. 19 deadline.

He called again a few days after the deadline to make a plea for the plan, but he says Rogers turned him down.

“The agent said, ‘No, rules are rules,’ and they won’t honour the sale that they had. I was upset.”

Take it to Twitter

Filiplic complained on Twitter and addressed his tweet to Rogers and Freedom Mobile — the upstart competitor that had sparked the phone plan wars by being the first to offer customers the $60 10-GB deal.

In a second tweet, Filiplic threatened to move to Freedom, which is still offering the plan. Freedom…

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