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How Importing Solar Panels from China Reduces Cost

China is a good source of high quality solar panels at a good bargain. If you are new to this business, there are four very good reasons why you should import solar panels from China. Read on.

· Low-Wage Advantage

· Currency advantage

· China is the best country to get solar panel parts

Good Competition amongst Solar Panel Production Companies

The reasons stated above are the main reasons why you should get solar panels from China. China is responsible for exporting a lot of solar panels to the rest of the world. China’s main suppliers comprise half of the world’s solar panel producers. And another thing: photovoltaic cells continue to become more affordable every quarter at around 15 to 30 percent reduction in price.

Take Advantage of Low Labor Cost

China’s labor force is the least expensive. Because of lower wages, solar panel creation is cheaper. This helped China’s solar panel producers reach high levels in mass production.

Take Advantage of Undervalued Yuan (China’s Currency)

A Yuan is roughly 15 cents (as compared to the US Dollar). The solar panels created in China are also considerable more affordable than those produced in other countries. Aside from solar panels, a lot of other items are imported from China because of the low costs involved.

Take Advantage of the Fact that China is the Final Assembly Point of Solar Panels

Other Asian countries and even Europe have their panels assembled in China. Since the final cost for solar panels is based on the point of origin, China effectively absorbs the costs incurred from other countries. This brings the price of the solar powered panels down to affordable levels. With the assistance from Chinese solar panel manufacturers, more and more retailers can now offer low cost solar panels. Solar Century is an example of a retailer offering low cost solar powered products.

Take Advantage of Solar Panel Producing Companies

Germany and Spain used to dominate the solar panel production business sector. The United States of America started making photovoltaic cells in the 90s. However, the rivalry between Germany and USA in solar panel production propelled other countries, such as China, to also start producing solar panels. Soon enough, solar panel companies like Solyndra Solar, Evergreen and SpectraWatt declared bankruptcy. With that and the growing global market of solar panel production China soon became the main source.

Cutting Down on Expenses by Getting Solar Panels from China

China made products cost less by about 2 to 10 percent. China then became a focal point for low cost solar panels. It didn’t take long for businessmen all over the world to find out that they could further lower their expenses through:

· Gathering information on all aspects of total landed cost of importing solar panels from China.

· Bargaining with suppliers to lower the costs of taxes and duties involved in the importation process.

· Establish a good working relationship with Chinese solar panel suppliers.


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