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How Artificial Intelligence will impact professional writing

Professional writing isn’t easy. As a blogger, journalist or reporter, you have to meet several challenges to stay at the top of your trade. You have to stay up to date with the latest developments and at the same time write timely, compelling and unique content.

The same goes for scientists, researchers and analysts and other professionals whose job involves a lot of writing.

With the deluge of information being published on the web every day, things aren’t getting easier. You have to juggle speed, style, quality and content simultaneously if you want to succeed in reaching your audience.

Fortunately, Artificial Intelligence, which is fast permeating every aspect of human life, has a few tricks up its sleeve to boost the efforts of professional writers.

Smart proofreading

In 2014, George R. R. Martin, the acclaimed writer of the Song of Ice and Fire saga, explained in an interview how he avoids modern word processors because of their pesky autocorrect and spell checkers.

Software vendors have always tried to assist writers by adding proofreading features to their tools. But as writers like Martin will attest, those efforts can be a nuisance to anyone with more-than-moderate writing skills.

However, that is changing as AI is getting better at understanding the context and intent of written text. One example is Microsoft Word’s new Editor feature, a tool that uses AI to provide more than simple proofreading.

Editor can understand different nuances in your prose much better than code-and-logic tools do. It flags not only to grammatical errors and style mistakes, but also the use of unnecessarily complex words and overused terms. For instance, it knows when you’re using the word “really” to emphasize a point or to pose a question.

It also gives eloquent descriptions of its decisions and provides smart suggestions when it deems something as incorrect. For example if it marks a sentence as passive, it will provide a…

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