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Here’s a Valentine’s Day preparation kit for flowers, poetry and more – Orange County Register

Wednesday, February 14 is Valentine’s Day, a day when people around the world celebrate love and romance.  So if you’re ready, here’s a guide to help express yourself to your loved ones.

Flower power

Flowers can send a fragrant and colorful message. Traditionally in the Victorian era each flower had a specific meaning and was used as a symbol or gesture in place of words.

Below is a list of historic meanings of flowers from the Society of American Florists.  Use this as a guide to make your flower selection say exactly the right message you want to send.


Valentine’s Day is the number one ranked holiday for flower purchases. 61 percent of all roses bought are red. A red rose symbolizes love and romance.

Pink roses are the second most roses purchased at 27 percent. Pink symbolizes admiration and appreciation. A perfect gift for a friend, coworker or fiancee.

White roses are 11 percent of all roses sold. They traditionally symbolize marriage, spirituality and new starts.

Yellow roses account for 12 percent of sales on Valentine’s Day. They symbolize friendship, joy and good health.

Red and white roses show unity. Mixed colors of roses are 16 percent of all purchased.

Orange roses are 8 percent of sales and peach/coral colors are 7 percent. The bright energy of orange symbolizes enthusiasm and passion.

Other flowers

Roses may dominate the flower purchase but a quarter of the flowers purchased are not roses, and send multiple messages as well.

Tulip color and meaning:

  • Pink: Caring
  • Purple: Royalty
  • Red: Declaration of love
  • White: Forgiveness
  • Yellow: Hopelessly in love
  • Violet: Faithfulness

Carnation colors and meanings

  • Pink: Gratitude
  • Red: Flashy
  • Striped: Refusal
  • White: Remembrance
  • Yellow: Cheerful

Chrysanthemums colors and meanings

  • Bronze: Excitement
  • White: Truth
  • Red: Sharing
  • Yellow: Secret admirer

Other meaningful plants

  • Lilac: First love
  • Magnolia: Dignity
  • Marigold: Desire for riches
  • Nasturtium: Patriotism
  • Orange Blossom: Fertility
  • Orchid: Delicate…

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