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HELIOS Document Hub Presents Images in P3 Wide Color Gamut

HELIOS Document Hub presents images in P3 wide color gamut

“We were delighted when Apple introduced the wide gamut displays”, notes Helmut Tschemernjak, CEO of HELIOS. “This means that Document Hub can now present the most accurate color, which which is essential for many customers.”

HELIOS Software GmbH, a developer of cross-platform file sharing software, today released HELIOS Document Hub 2.1 for iOS, to take advantage of the wide color gamut (P3) displays of the Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and the iPad Pro 9.7”. The P3 color space is the standard for the digital cinema industry, and is about 25% larger than the sRGB color space used for most web content.

Document Hub recognizes when an iOS device supports the P3 color space, and presents color-matched image and PDF document previews. The result is that users get the most accurate color available on mobile devices. This is essential for editors, brand managers, and photographers, and for product presentations to customers. Everyone will appreciate the vivid lifelike images now possible.

HELIOS Document Hub is a mobile app for iOS and Android that connects to the HELIOS WebShare “private cloud” web portal running on a company’s file server. With Document Hub, mobile users can securely browse and preview server files. Server files can quickly be found via the Spotlight search system, browsed in list mode, or via a gallery view with zoomable document previews. Documents can be downloaded to Document Hub for offline use, and opened in other applications. Photos and documents created or edited on the mobile device can be uploaded to the server. File synchronization copies specified server files and folders to Document Hub for offline use.

“We were…

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