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Groundbreaking Technology Tests Hearing From Home


Our mission is to completely democratize access to hearing care and hearing loss solutions, so that we can empower everyone to live more enriched and connected lives.

Audicus, the leading provider of hearing aids online, today announced the release of a revolutionary web-based hearing test. The first of its kind software allows consumers to test their hearing online and identify potential problems from the comfort of their home.

Since entering the market in 2012, Audicus has disrupted the hearing aid industry with its innovative direct-to-consumer business model, saving consumers more than $40 million. This month, the organization is set to release new hearing assessment technology designed to allow users to check their hearing online. The free hearing test can be done from any computer, allowing people to quickly and conveniently assess their hearing on the user-friendly website.

With 1 in 5 adults in the United States suffering from hearing loss, diagnosing the problem has become a national health concern in which consumers shy away from traditional hearing test methods due to a variety of reasons including lack of insurance coverage, restrictive industry legislature, and social stigmas surrounding hearing aids and hearing loss.

The Audicus web-based hearing test provides a national solution to this by providing free tests and education tools to the greater population, upending antiquated testing methods. Designed and tested over a two-year period by a neuroscience engineer, the test provides a robust assessment, including checks for consistency and asymmetry between a user’s ears. Upon detection of any issues, users are provided with straightforward suggestions and information on how to take the next steps. The…

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