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Goat brains, pizza and other odd additives show off creative beer brewing – Home | Day 6

Friday May 19, 2017

A micro-brewery in Iceland uses whale testicles smoked with sheep dung.

A company in Newport, Ore. makes a beer fermented with yeast grown in the brewmaster’s beard.

Denmark’s Nørrebro Bryghus uses barley fertilized with human urine and the U.K.’s Cerne Abbas Brewery uses watercress in a brew that’s said to increase male virility.

Craft breweries around the globe are demonstrating a passion for ingredients unique to their respective corners of the world, and they’re using them to create experimental and delicious beers.

Adam Smith is the co-founder of one such brewery. Malty National Brewing Corp. in Regina, Sask. is just over a year old, but they’ve already created more than 70 unique beers.

“It’s important for me to take on ambitious flavours, because that’s the beer I want to drink,” Smith says.

The taps at Regina’s Malty National Brewery are constantly changing. (Malty National / Instagram)

He and Malty National co-creator Kelsey Beach get inspiration from foods they love and flavours from their childhood. For Smith that’s chocolate, raspberries, rhubarb, and a few idiosyncratic choices.

“We had an IPA that tasted like peach fountain drink, which was a favourite of mine when I was a kid,” he says.  “There’s literally no limit to what you can make, which is exciting.”

Connecting with community

Malty National’s white stout stands as an example of their creativity. Smith credits Beach with tweaking a traditional recipe that resulted in a beer with dark, rich flavours but a light, clear appearance.

Last fall, they also crowdsourced ingredients from their community.

“We put a call out for people growing hops in Regina. If they brought some into the brewery, we’d give them a gift certificate to buy the beer when it was made,” he says.


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