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Go Generic to Lower Your Grocery Store Bill Every Week

Most families spend a few hundred dollars each month on groceries and food items. While food is a necessity by definition, there are many decisions that you can make while you are at the grocery store than can make a significant difference on what your total grocery bill is each week. One thing to consider is whether to buy the generic brand of a product or to buy the most popular name brand. Generally speaking, if you buy the name brand food item or product you are essentially paying extra for the sales and marketing of that item, as the generic brand of the same item will nearly always be cheaper.

While buying generic foods and products can certainly save you money, I do not necessarily recommend buying the generic brand for all products. I believe that the best way to determine whether to buy the generic brand of a particular food item or to stay with the name brand is to basically conduct your own taste test at home. I generally only buy generic food items when I have been able to determine that the generic item tastes at least as good as the name brand. Occasionally a particular generic food item may actually taste better than the original name brand. When this does occur, I believe that it is probably more a function of the freshness of the item as generic products don’t usually try to improve the formula of the product.

I generally don’t recommend this for non-food items where it is not easy to ascertain whether the generic item is in fact equal to the name brand, especially if the performance of the product is vital. For example, I don’t usually buy generic pharmacy items because a product like NyQuil works so well that if I have a cold, I want the real McCoy rather than taking a chance that the generic brand is less effective. Plus in this example, how could I ever really know or prove that the generic item was more or less effective?

In general from the taste tests I have done, the generic brands are usually pretty close to the same level of quality…

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