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Get Creative with your Guitar Using TabBank

Using TabBank, guitarists have the ability to create the essential parts of a song: its lyrics and notes. Using the device’s standard keyboard, you can title the song, give it an artist, write down the lyrics, and then include the notes in bracket form above or below whichever lyric they correlate with. On top of this, there’s a feature that allows you to create six rows of dotted lines, within which you can create your own tab. So, whether you’re writing a simple melody with lyrics alongside, or creating a guitar solo that needs to be written more specifically, TabBank can cater that.

TabBank Review | Appolicious

Using TabBank, guitarists have the ability to create the essential parts of a song: its lyrics and notes:

As soon as you’re done writing your next hit, TabBank gives you a few options. You can edit the song as many times as you like, change the text style and size (the best effect is making the lyrics and chords look handwritten), and finally export it.

There’s nothing else involved in writing down a song using TabBank, and that’s its strongest asset. In being so simple it’s easy to pick up and understand; there’s nothing too confusing about how it works and, most importantly, how you can go about writing a piece of music down. Its ability to create tab is an added bonus, as most guitarists can read music this way. Some musicians might feel let down that notation is absent, but it’s too complicated-a way of writing music to be included in such a simple-to-use app. The addition of different fonts and sizes is also welcome, allowing users to create something that looks less computerised and more natural.

Most guitarists and musicians as a whole write songs with pencil in hand, so for many TabBank will feel alien. There is of course the question of why you’d need to download an app when you can use a pencil and paper, and that’s why it won’t appeal to some. But it’s…

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