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FS1 goes All-Access with Providence and DePaul college hoops

– This is the most you’re going to hear from us at any point tonight. We’ve got both coaches miked up, Joe Davis, Len Elmore. Nothing like this before, we’re going to have no commercials, we’re going to go inside the huddles, we’ll be in the locker rooms at halftime, should be awesome.

– Well, viewers can’t get any closer access than this. You know, we’re talking about first hand exposure to strategy, tactics, even motivation by the coaches. And when you think about that, we’ll try to translate and interpret what you hear and see. But this is the best thing next to him wearing a uni. Now, what’s at stake here for Providence? Two and two in the Big East, a chance to steal a road win before two big home games, one against Butler, and maybe another revenge opportunity against Creighton, who’s at the head of the class in the Big East right now.

– High head! High head! Weak side!

– Moritz anticipates the pass. He’s off to a good start with all six for the Blue Demons.

– Three in a row.

Give me 1. Give me 1. Give me 1.

– Which way is McCallum going? Come on. Small things we talked about, small things. You got McCallum– whatever the hell his name is, what’s his name? Strus.

– Strus. Who’s got Strus.



– OK, you got him. OK, all right, well say it with a personality– Coach, I got him.


ANNOUNCER 1: Jackson again, went half way down and popped out.

– Go, go! Go, Eli, go!

– Hey, he can’t play with the net.

ANNOUNCER 1: Strus, for three– got it.

– He can’t play with the net.

ANNOUNCER 2: Ed Cooley has a point, that rim was shaken.

– –play the ball. Come on, let’s go!

ANNOUNCER 2: Somebody grabbed the net and had the backboard moving.

– Steal. One, one, one!

ANNOUNCER 1: On Moritz, into Watson– Watson, a little tougher that time after Ed Cooley implored him previously.

– Max!


–that’s one of Ed Cooley’s favorite players. He had him a long time and he gives…

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