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From East Coast to the Western Caribbean, adventure awaits | Lifestyles

“Say yes to new adventures.” That quote was on my mind a lot during my latest vacation. The diverse trip included everything from a 12-hour drive along the Southereastern U.S. coast, to hours of snorkeling fun off a rickety boat in Cozumel, and an adventerous day of zip-lining in Honduras.

It’s a lot faster to fly to Florida than drive, of course. But I had never been south of South Carolina so, with adventure in mind, I packed the car and set out to see Georgia and Florida.

Savannah is one of the prettiest cities I’ve visited. Like Oaks and drapes of Spanish moss intertwine with the streets and squares downtown. I walked by the river, visited a local art shop — Gallery 209 — and had dinner at a small hole-in-the-wall bar with a blues band.

I wish I would have had more time here, but I had to get to Port Canaveral to catch my ship to the western Caribbean.

On the way, I stopped by Daytona for a night. I walked the boardwalk, briefly saw the Daytona International Speedway and learned a bit about the city’s racing history.

I topped off the night with a Molly Hatchet concert at an outside venue. I admit, I looked a bit out of place; I was wearing pink pants, a sparkly shirt — an outfit that’s hardly “Southern rock”-inspired — and was one of the youngest people there. But it was still a fun time.

When I cruise, I don’t book the excursions. It’s much more of an adventure to get off the ship that day and just see what you can find. This doesn’t include just walking around the port — I like to call that “tourist city.”

Cozumel was no different. Right off the boat were peddlers waiting to take strange photos of visitors with costumed characters, and stores with huge markups on cheap souvenirs. If you can make it by that, you get to really see the place you’re visiting.

So I walked and walked and eventually found a small, local tour…

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