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Fight like lives are at stake over Obamacare — because they are

If Obamacare goes down, and millions lose medical coverage, it will be in large part because its defenders didn’t fight for it like lives were at stake.

Headline: “Harborview to lose $627 million under Republican health-care bill, officials said Friday.”

That’s Friday, as in the day after Thursday. Thursday being the day Congress passed this Medicaid-slashing bill that, entirely predictably, would rain red ink down on Harborview, our state’s largest public hospital.

“You can only imagine the dramatic impact it will have in the health of those we serve,” the head of Harborview added in critiquing the bill.

Again, he said that about 20 hours after Republicans had played “Eye of the Tiger” to get themselves good and psyched up to cancel medical coverage for tens of millions of Americans.

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Now, I don’t mean to beat up just on poor Harborview. It’s got far more important things to do on a typical day than tilt at a know-nothing Congress. Saving lives, for example.

But if the historic gains of Obamacare eventually are lost, it will be in no small part because its backers never fought for it like people’s lives were on the line.

This standing down from the fight has been going on for years, especially with the Democratic politicians who passed Obamacare. Because it was a conservative compromise, they have always sounded more apologetic about it than proud.

More important, the people in the trenches of health care — patients, doctors and hospitals — also haven’t spoken up much. They were certainly missing-in-action these past few weeks as House Republicans careened to take the country back to the bad ol’ days of 2008.

As a reminder, here’s a Seattle Times headline from that year: “No Money, No Insurance, No Mercy.” It was about the plague of medical bankruptcy then sweeping our state.

You don’t see headlines like that anymore, for…

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