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Farhad’s and Mike’s Week in Tech: Caring About Tech News

Farhad: I know it’s hard to love Uber, and also it’s quite possible that Uber stole Google’s self-driving tech (we’ll find out as the big lawsuit proceeds). But to me, Google’s actions here also deserve scrutiny.

Look at all the sides Google and its parent company, Alphabet, are playing in self-driving. Through Waymo, Alphabet is building its own self-driving tech. But through its venture capital firm, Alphabet is also a huge investor in Uber. And it is also suing Uber. Also, through Waze, its mapping app, Google is running a car-pooling service that could compete with Uber. And now Waymo is partnering with Uber’s biggest competitor.

Isn’t this exactly the sort of thing people complain about when they say Google is getting too big and powerful? In every way imaginable, Google is trying to use its huge power to completely dominate the future of driving tech.

Mike: It reminds me of how you act around the office.

Anyway, in non-Uber news, Wired dropped a huge story on Apple’s new campus, Apple Park, which basically looks like something out of a Kubrick film. My favorite follow-up story, however, came from The Outline, which had a source send them a pizza box from the company. Apple patented a circular pizza box that keeps pizza crispy and well-ventilated as employees walk from Apple’s cafeterias back to their desks.

This is exactly why Apple is the most valuable public company in the world.

Farhad: I don’t care how much rounded glass Apple’s HQ has, it won’t beat working from home.

Mike: Moving on, Instagram added face filters to its app, continuing its streak of innovatively finding new ways to rip off Snapchat for its product road map. Bravo.

Facebook had a series of embarrassing errors this week. After admitting it made its 10th mistake in advertising measurement, they had to pay back…

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