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Fans of ‘altruistic’ felon raises $50,000 but he asks them to stop

Aaron Tucker’s first week out of jail has had ups and downs.

On Wednesday, he missed a job interview after he chose to get off his bus to pull a man out of a smoking crashed car. By Friday, the story had gone viral. Local TV stations interviewed him, the Associated Press carried the story, and CBS News picked it up.

From the halfway house that sets his curfew and screens his calls, Tucker learned that a Westport resident started a fundraising campaign for him after reading the story.
By Monday morning, the GoFundMe campaign had raised over $50,000—well past the $25,000 goal originally mentioned on the site. He also received some tentative job offers.

But Tucker’s fortune became a slight burden as people started jockeying for the money online and in person, as he explained in a Facebook Live video post.

“You come home and you do one good deed, some thing good start happening for you, everybody start crawling,” Tucker said. “Everybody start coming around like roaches. And that’s sad.”

Hearst Connecticut Media confirmed the authenticity of Tucker’s social media posts after a visit to the halfway house and an interview over the phone.

Worse yet, Tucker had evidence that someone had tried to steal most of the money.

“Hi this is Aaron Tucker I want everyone to know that I am so grateful for all of the support may God be with you all,” he wrote on the GoFundMe page shortly before his video. “I am asking everyone to please stop sending donations because someone has broke into this account and tried to withdraw all of the funds.”

Tucker said that someone had tried—unsuccessfully—to take $44,000 dollars out of the account. Because he stopped receiving emails at the same time, he suspected that someone had hacked his account. According to Tucker the website froze withdrawals, so he should eventually get access to the money he’s raised.

“I feel that no one should take the chances of losing they hard earned money only when they are…

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