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Exclusive Interview With Nina Allan On ‘The Rift’!

This is our second chance to interview author Nina Allan and this time around it is concerning her most recent work ‘The Rift’. For those who haven’t read the review, spoilers: we quite enjoyed it! Titan Books put this one out and they clearly picked a winner in this dark tale of two sisters who were separated and reunited under extremely mysterious circumstances.


Science Fiction (SF): Nina, welcome back and thank you for taking the time to do a second interview with us. First off, could you explain to our readers who haven’t checked out the review or synopsis of the novel what ‘The Rift’ is about? 

Nina Allan (NA): Thank you – it’s great to be back! ‘The Rift’ is the story of two sisters, Selena and Julie. When Julie disappears at the age of seventeen, her younger sister Selena is left behind to bear the loss, and to watch the disintegration of her family amidst the continuing strain and heartbreak of Julie’s absence. Twenty years later, Selena receives a phone call from a woman claiming to be Julie, and insisting that she has spent the past two decades on an alien planet. Selena is faced with a choice: to reject this woman as an impostor and everything she says as a sad delusion, or to believe her, and risk her own sanity and the loss of the world she previously accepted as her daily reality.


SF: Julie and Selena are the two main characters of the novel; can you share a bit of insight on these two sisters? 

NA: It is Selena we get to know first, as the opening third of the novel is written from her point of view. I would say that Selena has the more grounded, pragmatic temperament. She grew up in Julie’s shadow, and so she has learned to be watchful, to listen and observe rather than rushing to action. Selena is a considerate, thinking individual, and my purpose in beginning the novel from her perspective was to give readers an anchor, a voice they felt they could trust. When we meet Julie in part two of the novel, our natural…

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