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Every child around the world has the right to be creative

Growing up in Iran, a developing country, I have witnessed a phenomenon which is difficult to define, describe or quantify, unless one has experienced it for themselves… creative inequality.

When we think of inequality we often think of economic, social and racial influences. Creative inequality is concealed and often buried beneath the very structures and policies that govern our life. It can be defined as the existence of unequal opportunities when it comes to inventing an original Idea.

Creative inequality can be defined as the existence of unequal opportunities when it comes to inventing an original idea

For instance, under our current economic system, only the views, talents and choices of those with purchasing power are taken into consideration. Currently, more than 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day. While these people are considered majority when it comes to numbers they are by far the minority when it comes to share of voice, representation, and access to opportunity.

Such inequalities are no accident; they are designed into our economic system to unfairly reward the privileged and fundamentally disadvantage the downtrodden. Consequently, the very people who require the most support are often the same ones who are denied the opportunity to achieve equality.

This is evident in the digital divide between developed and developing countries. A division which reflects disparities in access and barriers to creativity. Today, more than four billion people still don’t have access to the internet. Put simply, this means that as a species, we are 56% less likely to come up with a solution to climate change or a cure for cancer.

Why is creative inequality an invisible force? 

“Those who write stories rule society”Plato 

The problem is that the experiences of the majority are documented through a single overriding narrative. This creates a very narrow and skewed outlook on the world, with little empathy for the plight of the…

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