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Ethnic food tickles students’ taste buds – KERALA

The students of Government College, Malappuram, celebrated their culinary skills on Thursday by conducting an ethnic food festival on the campus.

The festival plunged into a fierce competitive mood when the students vied for laurels under their respective department banner.

Students competed for eight teaching departments, displaying their skills in making various ethnic dishes, which included even pickles and salads.

From beverages to snacks and puddings, the students arranged a smorgasbord in their respective stalls.

Various appams, including kalathappam, kuzhiyappam and neyyappam, were there at most stalls. Dishes made of most vegetables available in the market found a place in the stalls.

Various puttu items, juice items, fish and meat items too looked appealing not only to the palate but to the eyes also.

There were half a dozen varieties of rice gruel, including jeeraka kanji.

When the Department of Arabic bagged the first prize in the food festival, the Departments of Islamic History and Commerce took the second and the third positions respectively.

Adding more flavour to the festival organised by the Muslim Students Federation (MSF), the students also organised competitions in arm wrestling, eating, vegetable printing, and kitchen music.

Ijaz Ahamed V.K. from Chemistry Department won the first prize in eating competition among boys. Among girls, Neenu C. from the Department of Islamic History and Suhaira P. from the Department of History shared the first prize.

In kitchen music, the students of Commerce Department won the first prize. Ameer Hasan from the Department of Urdu won the first prize in arm wrestling of boys.

In the arm wrestling of girls, Athira M. from Economics Department won the first prize.

In vegetable printing, Dalia S. from Commerce Department won the first prize.

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