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ENCOMPASS Sign Systems Announces the World’s First Thermoformed Photoluminescent Life Safety Sign Solution

“This life safety signage is the best I’ve seen in my years of 30+ years of service as a firefighter.”

Encompass Sign Systems, Inc. announced today the development of LUMA-press, a tactile thermoformed, photoluminescent ADA sign family to meet the requests of its sign partners and end users who must adhere to Fire Codes in many jurisdictions that now require photoluminescent ADA signage in egress locations and exit stairwells. While photoluminescent ADA signs have existed for some time, the designers at Encompass tested multiple combinations of the two technologies before discovering a blend that registers 5NIT, almost twice the required luminance levels by the NFPA 101.The LUMA-press photoluminescent ADA signs charge to full strength in 9 seconds, and after absorbing 9 minutes of light, will glow for 12 hours in absolute darkness.

A number of vital safety benefits were immediately recognized by Mike White, a retired Captain of the Falmouth Massachusetts Fire Department. “I’m so glad to see new technologies being combined for safety sake. The brightness is striking and the rugged durability most certainly would withstand a harsh emergency situation”. Mike was also the Life Safety Code specialist for the city of Portland, Maine and he claims, “This life safety signage is the best I’ve seen in my years of 30+ years of service as a firefighter.”

Designed for the new MGM Hotel & Casino in Maryland, 418 LUMA-press signs were thermoformed to achieve a vandal-resistant surface for use in stairwells and other unmonitored locations. Through this new compression molding process the raised graphics and braille cannot be separated from the surface because they are integral to the base material and are not applied like other ADA sign processes….

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