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DNA links man to violent home invasion in West Palm Beach

DNA links man to violent home invasion in West Palm Beach. (WPBPD)

West Palm Beach Police arrest a man 8 months after a violent home invasion.

According to WPBPD, DNA left on a gun and shirt from the scene matched that of Willie Anderson, 30.

Police say on May 22nd, around 2 a.m. a man exited his one bedroom apartment to get his liquid vape. When he came back into the apartment he saw an unknown black male, not wearing a shirt, with a t-shirt wrapped around his head partially covering his face, holding a firearm.

Anderson held the firearm to the head of a woman inside the apartment, police say. Anderson then pointed the firearm at both victims and ordered them to turn off their phones and sit next to each other on a bed.

Police say Anderson began masturbating in front of the man and woman, and threatened to kill them if they didn’t do what he said.

Anderson ordered the victims to remove their clothing, and they complied. Anderson ordered the couple to then have sex as Anderson masturbated, police say.

After refusing Anderson’s demand, the victims were asked to give Anderson money. The woman responded saying she had cash in her wallet.

According to WPBPD, Anderson ordered the victims to lay face up on the bed, and he continued to masturbate over them.

One of the victims noticed Anderson’s firearm was jammed, and both victims charged Anderson pushing him out of the bedroom.

A violent struggle for the firearm ensued, and both victims were able to remove the shirt covering Anderson’s face.

One of the victims grabbed the firearm, both ran back into the bedroom, and barricaded themselves inside.

When officers arrived, the man and woman described Anderson. WPBPD gathered the firearm and shirt from the scene for DNA processing.

On December 8th, Violent Crimes Detective Viteri received a notification that the DNA left of the firearm and shirt matched Anderson.

Both victims arrived to the criminal investigations division on January 4th…

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