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Dax Shepard on his “offbeat” new Christmas film, parenting with Kristen Bell and what’s next

It has been two years since NBC’s hit drama “Parenthood” ended, but it appears Dax Shepard still can’t escape his character, Crosby, as he also attempts to find time to balance his career, family and two kids, all with a smile on his face.

Like his wife, Kristen Bell, the 42-year-old actor is always on the move.

After spending a year writing and co-directing an animated reboot of “Scooby-Doo,” Shepard began filming the movie “El Camino Christmas,” alongside Jessica Alba. The movie is set to be released on Netflix Friday, Dec. 8.

“It’s a really offbeat kind of Coen brothers-esque Christmas movie,” Shepard told CBS News during an interview in New York City.

While taking a brief pause to promote the new film, Shepard stopped by Charmin Restrooms in Times Square, which include 14 unique bathrooms open to the public during the holiday season, to attend a “toilet paper cutting ceremony” as a spokesperson for the brand. The pubic restrooms will be open until Dec. 24.

“There will be 500,000 people that come to Manhattan to go shopping for Christmas, and all of those people will have to go at some point,” Shepard said.

Dax Shepard attends a toilet paper cutting ceremony for Charmin in Times Square.


Here’s what Shepard had to say about his upcoming Christmas film, parenthood (not the TV show) and his new partnership with Charmin.

First, I’d love to talk a little about your new partnership with Charmin, and the “Christmas gift” you’re helping them bring to Manhattan.

Yeah, I partnered up with Charmin to bring quite a Christmas gift to Manhattan, which is 14 gloriously appointed restrooms, each one with a different theme. If you’ve ever tried to find a nice bathroom in Manhattan, it’s impossible. It’s quite a philanthropic endeavor. 

How much time do you spend here in New York? I’m sure you’re traveling all the time, bouncing back and forth.

Yeah, we come to New York a lot. And we bring the…

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