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Custom cars dazzle at Tokyo’s ride-pimping extravaganza

It’s Japan’s biggest custom-car show. The Tokyo Auto Salon has hundreds of exhibitors — from automotive titans like Toyota and Mercedes to tire makers, tool makers and toy makers — who all want to show you how to tune up, dress up, or otherwise pimp your ride.

There’s more than just row upon row of polished chrome to thrill the 300,000 visitors to the annual three-day event that ran through Sunday. Highlights for 2018 include never-before-seen concept cars from Toyota and Subaru.

Start your engines!

Can you guess custom car specialist LYZER’s signature color? It took six nail artists six months to glue all 600,000 Swarovski crystals onto this pink super car. Even the shift lever is studded with them. And since that’s clearly not enough pink, LYZER (Leading Your Zone to Extra Radiance) also installed pink leather seats, pink brakes, and pink LED underbody lights and headlamps.

Here’s another take on rhinestone rides from D.A.D., who even decked out the wheels in Swarovski crystals. Other features befitting of a pimpmobile include lush faux-fur seats and a gold steering wheel. All this bling will set you back a cool $900,000 according to a spokesman. A more affordable option is just the rhinestone-laced license plate frame, which runs about $55.

The owner of this take on Suzuki’s best-selling minicar is a major fan of Japanese teenybopper superhero cartoon series “Sailor Moon” — where the moon princess masquerades as a high school student when she’s not fighting the forces of the Negaverse. The color scheme for this car’s leather interior is designed to represent Sailor Moon’s costume. The floor mats are even embroidered with images of the heroine’s pet cat.

Custom car owners generally coalesce into local “teams,” and this car with the oversized sound system is from a team called Valentia. LED lights give “surround sound” a new meaning, framing the main speakers and four subwoofers. The supersizing doesn’t stop at…

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