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Could Colorado’s green energy debate go big in 2018? – The Denver Post

By Grace Hood, Colorado Public Radio

DENVER — Brian Bagley isn’t the first person that comes to mind when you picture a wind or solar advocate. The 40-something Longmont mayor has a concealed carry permit and wears cowboy boots. Four antique shotguns hang on the walls of his law practice. He’s a former registered Republican, but switched to independent for the 2016 election.

Yet, in December, Bagley issued a mayoral proclamation for his city to pursue a 100 percent renewable energy source by 2030.

“I’m getting a lot of hits from the far right, saying ‘Oh, Bagley, you caved to the left. You tree hugger, you.’ What they don’t understand is it makes economic sense,” he said.

If Longmont’s city council members agree, they would join cities like Aspen, Boulder, Nederland, Breckenridge and Pueblo in going to or exploring renewable energy options. It’s a topic the public will hear lots more about this year. The Compact of Colorado Communities is expected to discuss both climate change goals and clean energy during their conference later in January. Some Democratic governor candidates want the state to pledge to go 100 percent renewable.

Democratic State Sen. Matt Jones, who represents Longmont and other northern Front Range cities, said he’ll introduce legislation to prompt utilities to move toward 100 percent because “the price of wind and solar has dropped like a rock”.

Utilities like Xcel Energy see that trend too. They are increasingly choosing renewables for new power sources because of tax credits and cheaper supply costs. Right now the state’s largest utility is reviewing plans with state regulators to move 55 percent of its electricity portfolio toward wind and solar.

But there’s a big challenge for cities that want to get to 100 percent renewable energy. Where does the power come from when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing?

Right now Boulder is pursuing one of the most challenging paths. They want state…

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