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Cook Islands Has So Much To Offer To Those Staying At A Rarotonga Resort

If you’re looking for somewhere in the South Pacific to relax and take in some culture, a Rarotonga resort in the captivating Cook Islands is a must see. These islands are a stunning jewel in the ocean, with 15 idyllic islands surrounded by white sandy beaches and clear turquoise lagoons.

It is believed that the Cook Islands was first settled about 2400 years ago, although historians say the best known of the islands in the group – Rarotonga – was settled about 1500 years ago. They believe that the locals who live there today originally migrated from Asia during the great Polynesian migration.

In 1888, the islands were made a British protectorate. Then in 1901, the Cook Islands became a New Zealand dependency. Sixty years later, it became a governing state. The islands have become very popular with international tourists who love the sun, sea, friendly people and relaxed…

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