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CES 2018: CES 2018 brought disruptive technologies closer to our lives

LAS VEGAS: It was a glimpse into tomorrow’s world of technology which would bring far-reaching changes in the lives of those who would finally adopt it — promising to overturn many assumptions made.

Curtains were brought down on the largest consumer electronics show on Earth here on Friday evening. But before it closed, the show brought visitors in contact with how New-Age technology would affect every aspect of our lives — from health, entertainment, security, mobility, food and much more.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) being showcased at the CES 2018 exhibition was seen to be entering new areas like farming and sea rescue.

The Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (AR) and Augmented Reality (AR), Robotics, 5G technology, smart cities and digital health brought hundreds of large and small companies here, vying with one another in offering their wares.

Some of the new technologies include a miniature 360 degree camera from Taiwan which can be adopted on to a mobile phone, taking video by two lenses with 180 degree vision and then stitching them together for VR view or other uses.

Even alternate medicine advocates were seen riding the techwagon, by offering wellness technology based on Chinese procedures like acupuncture — aiming to heal aches and pains through transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. Whether this would work is open to question but they were at the CES.

So were several stalls from AR/VR companies, offering to entertain, amuse and inform the young generation through more and more challenging games. The distinction between virtual and real worlds were sought to be erased in images that were far better than what was available just last year.

Robotics — from miniature autonomous machines just millimetres in length and breadth — to oversized humanoids which could play ping pong with real human beings were enticing for visitors to try them out.

Robots with sensitive tactile ability which includes just picking up one piece…

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