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Cape Breton Victoria school board cuts 46 jobs due to enrolment decline

The Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board will cut 46 jobs this fall, including 16 teaching positions.

The board made the decision Wednesday night while approving its budget for the upcoming school year.

Officials said the cuts are necessary because of an ongoing decline in enrolment, plus the closure of 17 schools over the next five years.

Ten of those schools will close this fall.

Dramatic drop in enrolment

The decline in enrolment has been dramatic in the past two decades.

In 1996, when the regional school board was created, it had an enrolment of 24,045 students.

The projected number of students for the coming school year is 12,545, a decline of roughly 50 per cent.

“It’s really disturbing,” said board superintendent Beth MacIsaac. “If you look at the projected decline for next year, it’s another 350 students, which is the size of one of our medium-sized…

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