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Better Home Security With Newly Installed Windows And Sliding Glass Doors « CBS Los Angeles

By Lori Melton

Per FBI crime statistics, there were over 1.5 million burglaries in the United States in 2015 and 71.6 percent of those occurred at residential properties. Burglars look for easy-access entry points when breaking into a home. That’s why it’s important to make sure your windows and doors are strong and secure. Older windows and patio sliders can be weak and vulnerable during a home invasion. Therefore, installing new windows and sliding glass doors can increase home security and help keep unwanted intruders out.

Worn Out Windows Invite Trouble

Burglars often canvas a neighborhood and look for the easiest target. Gaining home access via an open or unlocked window is obviously one of the simplest ways for a thief to get in. Your first line of defense should always be to keep your windows closed and locked, especially at night when you are sleeping and any time you are gone away from your home.

Damaged, warped, or broken window sashes and frames can also invite unwanted intruders. If your home is older, chances are the windows are, too. If your windows fog up, stick while opening and closing, or feel drafty, these are signs they may need to be replaced. New windows will not only boost your home’s value, energy efficiency and curb appeal, but they will also offer increased home security.

Problematic Patio Sliders

Patio sliders are also popular entry points for thieves. They are often located at the back of the house, which makes a potential burglar less visible than a street-facing front window or door. Older patio doors can often be lifted right off the track, which defeats the purpose of the door’s latch mechanism. Plus, burglars can often bypass the existing latch just by jiggling the door.

Signs of wear that indicate replacement is needed include difficult operation from worn rollers and tracks, broken handles, or misaligned latches. New patio sliders will also improve energy efficiency, increase home value and have stronger,…

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