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Bayonne hardware store owner, 99, remembered for his character, personality

BAYONNE — In his 99 years of life, Al Resnick saw more of Bayonne’s history than most people could imagine.

“He went from riding in a wind-up start car on a ferry going to Manhattan with his father, surrounded by horses and buggies to visit his grandparents in Brooklyn, to complaining about how cheap flash drives have become… in one lifetime,” said Mark Resnick, the youngest of Resnick’s four sons.

Al Resnick, the longtime owner of Resnick’s Hardware, died Tuesday of natural causes at Daughters of Miriam in Clifton, just a month and two days shy of his 100th birthday. He is survived by his four sons Billy, Stewart, Larry and Mark, as well as 10 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

In 1918, Resnick’s Ukrainian-born parents Harry and Minnie bought what was at the time the C.E. Jones Hardware store and eventually turned it into Resnick’s Hardware at 46th Street and Broadway.

Resnick, who was only a toddler when his parents bought the business, would go on to work at his hardware store until retiring at 98 years old. The store recently relocated 10 blocks south to 800 Broadway after its previous site became part of a new redevelopment plan. 

His sons describe a man who overcame many obstacles in his life. Born with Erbs Palsey, or the paralysis of the right arm due a pinch of the upper group of nerves during childbirth, Resnick never thought twice of considering himself disabled.

“There wasn’t anything that he wouldn’t or couldn’t take on,” Mark Resnick said. “The right arm didn’t stop him from anything.”

His sons also remember him for his personality and how he went about his life.

“He always had a joke to tell; he had a good attitude about life itself,” his son Stewart added.

Mark Resnick recalled one time when his father — who was predeceased by his wife Frances in 2009 — was in the hospital having tests done. “They had pulled breakfast from him and asked him to wait to eat because they needed him for a test,” Mark said. “So he’s…

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