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Battle your Anxiety the Natural Way

Anxiety is a disorder that can affect millions of people on a yearly basis. Typically, most people will have a common level of feeling anxious which can improve learning or cause someone to perform better. Fear and anger are known as normal reactions in specific situations and circumstances and can be necessary in human life.

However, high levels of unease can result from the disorder becoming pathological. If pathological is the case, then disruption of daily activities or health of a person can be affected. Negative aspects of uneasiness such as panic attacks do not have to be difficult to control. As you learn about what panic attacks are, the reasons for the occurrence and how they relate to feeling anxious, you then understand how to deal with the disorder in a natural way that will increase your knowledge on how to cope.

Panic attacks, which could be a major symptom of anxiety disorders, can be a serious health problem that affects over 60-70 million people in America at some point in their lives. Full on or full blown panic disorders can affect 3 million people and are twice as likely to occur with women as it does with men. It is known that the average age that people have their very first bouts will happen between the ages of 15 and 19 years of age. Children can allow come down with panic yet there is no distinction between either gender. The spells, that can strike young children, will only occur through a small percentage of them.

Symptoms and the signs that happen during an attack can include, racing or pounding of heartbeats also known as palpitations, chest pains, an upset stomach, lightheadedness or nausea, tingling in hands and trembling. Symptoms that occur with anxious tension are similar to panic episodes as they go hand in hand. With people that have high and constant levels of apprehension, they will generally stay on guard or have a wired feeling during situations and possible threats in their environment. A person can be generally on…

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