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Are seed ticks putting your family in danger? Video

Transcript for Are seed ticks putting your family in danger?

There’s a new report that says a type called seed ticks could put your kids in real danger and Jesse palmer is here with the story. Good morning, Jesse. Good morning, Michael. As warm weather spreads across the country we’re now entering prime tick season and that means increased even fatal risk but there are ways to keep your family safe. As kids and pets return to playing outside they’re more likely than ever to come in contact with ticks. Especially in tall grass. Piles of leaves or shrubs around your home. The tickiest month is may but April through June is really the highest tick activity season. Reporter: In Ohio, one mom posted these alarming pics on Facebook going viral now and says after just 30 minutes of playing outside her daughter was covered with these tiny hard to see larval seed ticks. These bugs can cause big problems. Reports saying they now present a rare but potentially fatal danger called the powassan virus that causes seizures, memory loss and long-term neurological damage. In most cases they have a die to find the tick and remove it before the tick has a chance to transmit germs that will make them sick. Reporter: Lyme disease is still a huge concern. The CDC estimating 30,000 Americans are infected with Lyme disease each year. But note that underreporting could put the actual count at 300,000. Too keep you and your family safe experts say always check for ticks as soon as you come from outdoors. Wear clothing with built-in tick repel leapt. Use tick repellent sprays and shower within two hours of leaving outdoors to help wash away any unattached ticks. The CDC represents if you’re trying to remove a tick first you want to protect your fingers with tissue or latex gloves. Secondly, disinfect the bite site and finally don’t squeeze the tick’s body because it could infect you That’s great advice. If you’re a golfer as I am check yourself after you come off the course. All…

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