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AppZero Announces Version 7.0 of AZ-Migrate Which Provides Break-Though WS2016 Support

“Version 7.0 is opening up new capability for our customers to support WS2016 servers as operational systems for legacy applications easily.” – AppZero CEO Nigel Stokes.

AppZero is please to announce version 7.0 of AppZero’s award winning application migration product AZ-Migrate, which supports application migrations from WS2003, WS2008, and WS2012, to WS2016 and to Windows Containers on WS2016. With Microsoft custom support agreement (CSA) for Windows Server 2003 entering the third and final year this summer it’s even more critical to migrate applications off of this 14 year old operating system.

AZ-Migrate is the industry leading software tool that automatically moves Windows-based applications from older operating systems to newer operating systems, to new in-house servers or to hybrid or public cloud environments, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS clouds, and IBM SoftLayer.

AZ-Migrate allows the user to automatically move any or all server applications in hours to a similar operating system or to a newer platform. Version 7.0 allows the user to move from Windows Server 2000, 2003, or 2008 to Windows Server 2008, 2012, and now to 2016 as well as Docker-compatible Windows Containers on 2016. If moving to a Windows Server 2016, just one step is taken – no need to first upgrade to Windows Server 2008 or 2012. Modernizing allows leverage of 2016 features and functionality, and avoid costly custom and extended support fees for Windows Server 2003 and future EOS for 2008. The datacenter can be consolidated for a smaller footprint, and side step security risks and noncompliance associated with running on an unsupported platform.

AZ-Migrate belongs to AppZero’s suite of tools to manage the lifecycle of a Windows Server application migration. AZ-Monitor, AZ-Migrate, and AZ Maintain. For more information on AZ-Migrate and get a sneak peek of AppZero’s new migration orchestration platform AZ-Maestro please join on Wednesday April 26th 1pm EST for an exciting Webinar to see the future of application migration orchestration.

“AppZero is working closely with customers and partners to develop automated Windows Server Modernization solutions that add value in their business. Version 7.0 is opening up new capability for our customers to support WS2016 servers as operational systems for legacy applications easily.” said AppZero CEO Nigel Stokes.

AZ-Migrate 7.0 is available immediately for all customer

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