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Anthony Garcia case: Was revenge the motive behind Omaha stabbing deaths?

Produced by Jaime Stolz and Marc Goldbaum

“To have anybody murdered is a shock to the community, but to have an 11-year-old boy and a housekeeper killed in the manner they were – I think is a whole ‘nother level,” Omaha Police Sgt. Scott Warner told CBS News correspondent Jim Axelrod.

In 2008, a community was shocked by the brutal stabbing deaths of Tom Hunter and Shirlee Sherman inside the Hunter family home. Police found no DNA, no signs of a robbery and little motive for someone to want them dead. Five years later and six miles away, tragedy struck again when Dr. Roger Brumback, and his wife, Mary, were found murdered in their home. 

For the two law enforcement officers investigating the cases, the attack on the Brumbacks was eerily similar to what they found five years earlier with the Hunter and Sherman murders. 

Investigators would find more similarities between the cases and a trail that led to Creighton University Medical Center. But would they find the killer there?

Omaha, Nebraska, is a proud beacon of America’s Midwest. Spreading out from the majestic banks of the Missouri River, it is home of the College World Series and Warren Buffet – who is rich enough to live anywhere he chooses.

Warren Buffet: My take on Omaha overall is it’s a terrific place to live.

According to Todd Cooper, court reporter for the Omaha World-Herald, the secret heartbeat of this town is Creighton University Medical Center.

Todd Cooper: It resonates throughout the community. … You can’t go anywhere without running into someone who is Creighton born and bred.

Doctors Chhanda and Againdra Bewtra loved and respected their Creighton colleagues.

Jim Axelrod: How long was your career at Creighton?

Dr. Chhanda Bewtra: Forty years.

Jim Axelrod: You both knew Dr. Hunter?

Dr. Chhanda Bewtra: His office is right next to my office.

The Bewtras were close friends with Drs. Bill and Claire Hunter, the parents of 11-year-old Thomas, and dedicated to their hospital.

Jim Axelrod: What were they…

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