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American Horror Story Murder House Owners Sue Realtor

For a California couple. living in American Horror Story’s Murder House has become a real-life nightmare.

Ernst Von Schwarz and Angela Oakenfold bought the Rosenheim Mansion — which was featured in the first season of FX’s hit show — in 2014 for $3.2 million, but no one told them it was haunted by hoards of unwelcome visitors.

The homeowners claim that hundreds of fans turn up at the property daily to take photos, often trespassing on the plot and occasionally forcing their way into the famous home, according to a CBS report.

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“We have had several break-ins. We have had on three or four occasions just in the last year, had to call the police,” Oakenfold tells the outlet.

Now, the couple is suing their realtor and the sellers, who they say mislead them about the property’s pitfalls. “We feel like they cheated us,” Oakenfold says. Adds Von Schwarz, “We want to live here of course. But it is very difficult because we don’t feel safe.”

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The pair claim they were in the dark about the show’s rabid fan base, some of whom have gone to great lengths to access the residence. One group went so far as to climb into the scoop of a garbage truck to get a better view of the place.

“He put them in the crane and elevated it. And I’m in the bathroom and I look out the window and there are teenage girls screaming at me,” Oakenfold recalls.

The homeowners note that they tried to do their research about the property, but didn’t find evidence of its status as a pilgrimage site for AHS viewers.

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