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Allergy is Second Step Of Weak Immunity

We all know that our body is made up of thousands of organs and all these organs combine to make into various organ systems. All these organ systems are equally important for us and the reason is that all these organ system have there own individual field of work but still they all work together in proper coordination so that our body can have a proper body mechanism. If there is any kind of problem in any one of the organ system then the whole body is going to suffer because there is so much of coordination in between all the organs that a slight change can bring complications.Among these entire organs the most important organ system is the immunity system.

The immunity system is important because without the help of proper immunity we just stay fit and healthy. It is the immunity which fights against all kind of foreign particles be it germs, virus, bacteria or diseases. Having a proper immunity is the key element to a healthy and fit body.The people, who have poor immunity level, generally fall ill on a regular frequency; because their body is weak enough to fight against any foreign particle. So it is always suggested to parents of small children that they give their child proper diet so that they can have a healthy immunity system.

Traditionally people use to take advices and tips from grand parent and from relatives so that they can increase there child immunity; but it is not necessary that these tips and advice will help all because every individual is different then how come the same advice is going to help all. Hence, you need the help of some one who is specialized in helping you with immunity. There are immunologists in Delhi who can help you up.The problem which arises if you have poor immunity is weak body as well as allergy.

Yes, allergy is the biggest problem which people with weak immunity face commonly. Allergy is when you start sneezing, coughing without any valid reason; when you have red skin or rash or acne by eating or applying something….

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