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AerNos Announces Wearable Air Pollution Monitor at CES 2018

AerNos AerBand

With the introduction of AerBand, our vision to introduce a wearable product that can significantly change health and wellness in such a profound way is taking shape.

In a press conference at CES 2018, AerNos, an innovator in nano gas sensors, unveiled a game-changing wearable device for air pollution detection and research. Called AerBand Research, the wearable or clip-able device will revolutionize how scientific studies track and study human exposure to harmful air pollutants. AerBand Research will be shipping to customers in the first half of 2018 and available to consumers in 2019.

By monitoring the personal surrounding air of research participants 24/7, AerBand will be a powerful new tool for dramatically expanding scientists’ understanding of the effects of air pollution on human health and for reducing exposure and improving health.

“AerBand Research is a breakthrough that will lead to better answers to the most urgent questions I’m hearing from parents everyday – what pollutants are we exposed too, what matters and how do we avoid them,” said Christopher Gavigan, Honest Company Co-Founder and AerNos Advisor. “Air pollution monitoring today does not tell me what I’m breathing right here, right now. It significantly limits health research and our ability to take action. AerBand is about to change that.”

AerBand Research is designed to be worn or attached via clip for always-on air pollution monitoring. AerNos’ nano gas sensor technology enables simultaneous detection of multiple indoor and outdoor airborne toxins to ppb levels. AerBand pairs with an end user App for tracking real-time pollution levels, historical information and for accessing recommended actions. Organizations…

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