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Aaron Judge swears he won’t let all this success go to his head

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Aaron Judge is the talk of the town everywhere he goes. And not just in New York with the Yankees and after his funny skit on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’’ that featured Judge showing fans the cover of Sports Illustrated that featured Judge.

“That turned out great, I have to give all the credit to the guys behind the scenes, they were able to cut and edit a lot of things,’’ Judge told The Post on Friday night at Tropicana Field before the Yankees played the Rays. “I was nervous, my heart was racing. Because it was weird, like dressing up, lying to people about things, it was tough for me.

“But I enjoyed every minute of it, all the people behind the scenes just helped me, ‘Take a deep breath. Be you. Just ask some questions.’ It turned out great and I enjoyed doing it.’’

Judge knows where his baseball bread is buttered, though. Judge has let the Yankees know he’s not going to do anything else like Fallon for a while.

“I have to focus on what I can do on the field,’’ Judge said.

In New York, things can escalate quickly. One day you are a young star and before you know it you are a comic book hero.

Judge is so well-grounded, he does not let any of this go to his head.

The Yankees are the only major league team with five players who have at least seven home runs. The massive Judge leads the pack with 14, that’s the most in the AL. Judge entered Friday 11 for his past 38 and was 5-for-12 on the trip.

It’s likely Judge will be asked to participate in the Home Run Derby in Miami at the All-Star Game.

“That would be cool,’’ he said. “I’ve been in them before.’’

Judge hits home runs high and far and that’s what inspired the “All Rise’’ Sports Illustrated cover. But Judge insisted any success he has is team-based success.

“In the minor leagues they preached team,’’ Judge said. “It’s what we preached the whole way, but it…

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