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“48 Hours: NCIS:” Invesigating the murders of Meghan Landowski and Marilyn Allen

Produced by Anthony Venditti and Alec Sirken

“48 Hours: NCIS” introduces the agents of the real-life Naval Criminal Investigative Service  who have worked on some of the agency’s most significant investigations. They reveal, step-by-step, how they track killers, crack fraud cases, and how they hunt terrorists using street smarts and technology. These are the cases they can’t forget.


When a young ballet dancer was found raped and stabbed to death inside her Portsmouth, Va., home, everyone assumed she had been killed by her stepfather’s close friend. Only a few months prior to her murder, the teen confided to her parents that the man, who had served in the Navy with her stepfather, had been touching her inappropriately. The subsequent NCIS investigation that followed meant he stood to lose everything, including his retirement. But, when DNA evidence cleared him, investigators were led down a path to a suspect that was on no one’s radar.

Steve and Angie Shortt

Dana Shutt | NCIS Supervisory Special Agent, Office of Forensic Support: Meghan Landowski was a 16-year-old dancer from Portsmouth, Virginia. …Sweet — innocent — young lady. … Very smart, very articulate.

Agent Dana Shutt: Meghan Landowski’s stepfather, Christopher Shortt was in the U.S. Navy. He was a Hospital [Corps]man First Class.

Chris Shortt | Meghan’s stepfather: Meghan was …  just a typical teenager.

Angie Shortt | Meghan’s mother: Meghan was the bubbly girl. Meghan was the silly girl. …And she danced beautifully. …It was beautiful to watch her on stage.

Chris Shortt: When Meghan was 15 years old … we noticed a change in her behavior. …Her grades were droppin’ … and I told her, I said, “If you don’t start tellin’ me … why your attitude is changing, I’m gonna fix it.”

Chris Shortt: And that’s when she told me that … a friend of mine…  I mean, a guy that I trusted like a…

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