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3 Ways Trump Has Screwed Over Senior Citizens

If the presidential election were up to Americans under the age of 45, Hillary Clinton would have won in a landslide. Trump eked out an upset on the support of older Americans, with senior citizens in particular giving Trump an 8-percentage point edge.

You’d think Trump might feel indebted to his elderly base, but his tenure in the White House hasn’t exactly played out that way. Thus far, a lot of his decisions have actually gone against the interests of the seniors who voted for him. Here are just a few of the ways he’s backstabbed the seniors who supported him:

1. Allowing Elder Abuse to Go Unchecked

While most caregivers are respectful of the seniors on their watch, elder abuse is still more common than Americans would like to acknowledge, with about 10 percent of seniors the victim of some form of elder abuse.

To address this problem, last year the government made it so families could sue nursing homes guilty of abuse and neglect. However, the Trump administration has decided quite quickly to get rid of this protection to spare corporations lawsuits and potential financial damages, even though it leaves seniors more susceptible to mistreatment.

At the urging of lobbyists, the White House wants most elder care facilities to return to a policy of forced arbitration, which limits both the accountability on the part of the facilities as well as the damages they have to pay out to victims.

Without the threat of lawsuits, the incentive to ensure seniors don’t get abused and neglected is much lower than if serious money were on the line.

2. Growing Indifferent on Prescription Drugs

Despite pledging to help bring the prices of prescription drugs down to affordable rates during his campaign, Trump seems to have already caved to the pressure of big pharma, reports Bloomberg.

Anyone hoping for some drug pricing legislation will be disappointed to know the administration is now strongly considering an executive order (now his go-to method,…

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