Waterfall sputt tube

Select a Waterfall Spout Tub to Provide that Pristine Waterfall Experience in your Bathroom

Imagine a crystal clear waterfall in your bathroom that awaits your arrival after a long, stressful day. The waterfall will dazzle you with its beauty as the pristine waters lightly sprinkle your face. Before you get caught up in the image, let’s get back to reality. Now, installing a waterfall into your bathroom is hardly feasible, but you can have the next best thing: a waterfall spout tub. Another option is to install a waterfall spout tub filler without having to exchange your bathtub. There are a few things to consider about using filler instead of a complete bathing system.

Waterfall spout tub fillers come in either a chrome or satin nickel finish to match any bathroom decorative patterns. Most filler has an eight-inch spout that spreads 20 inches which is useful in portable toilets for camping. There are, however, smaller filler options. The key is to measure both your bathtubs and the filler in order to make the right purchase. A good thing about using the water spout tub filler rather than installing is that this is a do-it-yourself project. This is less expensive than hiring a professional contractor to install a bathtub. The instructions are easy to read and follow, making this process as smooth as possible. One thing you must be aware of is using waterfall spout tub fillers with toddlers and infants. To prevent accidental drowning, keep the water level below the belly button of your child. As with any type of bathtub, never leave a young child unsupervised.

Options for a Waterfall Spout Tub

Several manufacturers have added a waterfall spout tub line to their list of bathing products. The Harrington Brass 10-452 Olympie Waterfall Tub Spout retails for over $2,700, but you can find some as low as $1,162. This waterfall spout tub comes in several different finishes including polished nickel, satin nickel, perma brass, oil rubbed bronze, and polished chrome. The Serenity Drop-In Air Bath Tub features a fast-fill waterfall spout and includes 72 air jets that will give you the ultimate relaxation experience during your bath time. The Serenity costs around $2,000 and also has a pre-leveled support base for added structural support. The ABS design of this base also reduces noise and vibration. Other features for this waterfall spout tub include a 600-watt air heating element, a slip-resistant floor, underwater lighting, an automatic purge, and dry cycle and extra deep bathing well.