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In Dueling Events, Samantha Bee and Hasan Minhaj Target Trump, Fox News and CNN

Sunday, April 30th, 2017:

“With so much excellent reporting out there, why do 96 percent of Americans believe the media should be strung up by its own bowels?” she asked. “I don’t know — maybe because when they turn on the TV looking for news, all they can find are journalists trying to referee a pack of well-coiffed message robots shouting at each other all day from increasingly tiny boxes.” Continue reading the main story Mr. Minhaj, 31, who described himself as “a first-generation Indian-American Muslim kid,” arguably had the tougher task of the night. He agreed to appear at the White House Correspondents’ […] Read More →

Is Mysticism Relevant In Solution Focused Counselling

Sunday, April 30th, 2017:

“What is the relevance of Mysticism in Modern Counselling and how is it experienced by practising counsellors?” Part II. 1.Area and Topic To follow the popular view one may tend to be persuaded that science and mysticism are placed on opposite sides of the spectrum. In fact, both science and the mysterious are complementary allies as both are paths for humanity to pursue of unlocking knowledge of the surrounding universe and its natural laws. When examined closely the “secular faith” of the scientist’s conclusions derived from research and the often dogmatic foundations of Christian beliefs are similar: The materialist firmly […] Read More →

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