Month: June 2016

Philippine mining set for bumpy ride under Duterte administration

MANILA: After the Philippines became the top supplier of nickel ore to China in the last two years, its struggling mining industry may have felt like it was turning a corner. But hope in the industry of getting an easier ride exploiting minerals in a country with a strong anti-mining lobby now looks misplaced with […]

Review: Bruce Conner’s Darkness That Defies Authority

None of this is subtle, but it is fast-moving and riveting. Conner would set a more rapid pace in the brilliantly edited “Breakaway” (1966), an amphetamine-fueled music-video precursor that focuses on the dancing and singing of Toni Basil. At the other extreme is the majestic “Crossroads,” a 37-minute film from 1976, set to musical compositions […]

Review: How the magic of movies unlocked a boy's mind

The most heartbreaking moment in “Life, Animated,” an absorbing and ultimately exhilarating documentary about the journey of an autistic boy into manhood, is hearing his parents describe their feelings as they watched their healthy, happy 3-year-old deteriorate before their eyes, losing the ability to speak or interact. “Somebody kidnapped my son,” thought his father, Ron […]